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As a meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions destination, Thailand excels. Unlike other regional centers, Thailand offers planners a richer diversity of options in terms of facilities, on the ground expertise and variety in its very different locations.

Bangkok, the powerhouse of Thailand's economic miracle, continues to build on its existing reputation as the future business focus of the region.



Only two hour drive from Bangkok, Pattaya's world class facilities are balanced by the exuberant mood of this thriving seaside resort on the Gulf of Thailand.

Hua-Hin on the opposite side of the Gulf is rapidly becoming a viable, albeit less boisterous, alternative. One hour by air from Bangkok, Phuket has everything you'd expect of a tropical island paradise. A major centre of growth for tourism, it can provide an infrastructure more than capable of satisfying the most demanding.

Also one hour by air from Bangkok, in the cool northern hills, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai offer highly workable resources, a superb tranquil location and a leisurely, more traditionally Thai environment. But a booming, business conscious economy, politically stable future, magnificent locations, international class facilities and expertise, don't simply make great incentive trips and conventions happen by themselves. The ability to organize these elements into something even greater than the sum of the parts requires something more. It requires a service infrastructure with the capability of serving clients’ needs from initial contact onwards, with efficiency and attention to detail. It also requires an intimate knowledge of the destination and available local facilities plus dynamic working relationships with the hotels and organizations that provide them. With more than 20 years experience in Thailand and the region, Orientours can justifiably claim to be expert on every aspect of its fascinating and beautiful country. And throughout that time Orientours has continued to build stable relationships with major airlines, leading hotels and key support organizations. This has proven to be the crucial factor in making Orientours becomes one of the leading incentive handlers in the region. You can rest assured that every single service we give will be really personalised, implying something different as always.